Meet Our Animals & Reptiles

For a number of years we have been offer sessions where we all people to meet our exotic animal and reptiles. We regularly attend schools, corporate events and host animal meets at our own facility. All of our animals and reptiles are trained to be around humans and with a trained handler at every meet, you’ll be in safe hand with Berkshire Reptile Encounters.

No matter what the occasion or event might be or what animals you might be interested in, be sure to choose Berkshire Reptile Encounters. Our team of animal and reptile handlers will make the experience a day to remember. For more information on our animal meets or to arrange one, be sure to get in touch with Berkshire Reptile Encounters. One of our team are always on hand to assist with enquires and answer questions.

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Meet Our Animals Slough

Meeting & Feeding the Animals

When you choose Berkshire Reptile Encounters, you’ll be able to meet and sometimes even feed our animals and reptiles. Our handler is trained to make learning fun for both adults and children. We have a range of exotic animals to choose from and we’ll bring along any animal that you express a particular interest in. No matter what the occasion or event might be, we are always more than happy to attend. We use the money raised from the encounter sessions to help fund our rescue facility.

Where You Can Meet Our Animals

There are a number of places the Berkshire Reptile Encounters team are able to host meet and greet sessions with our animals and reptiles. Some of the places we can host sessions include:

  • Schools
  • Personal Residences
  • Event Spaces
  • Corporate Events
  • Business Locations
  • Halls and Public Spaces
  • Our Rescue Facility
Berkshire Reptile Rescue Slough

We are able to host meet and greets with our exotic animals and reptiles in almost any location. All visits are held by one or more of our experienced and trained animal handlers. For more information on our animal and reptile meet and greets or if you’re wanting to arrange one, then get in touch with Berkshire Reptile Encounters. One of our team will be more than happy to help.

Contact Berkshire Reptile Encounters for Exotic Animal Meetings

If you’re looking for a business that offer reptile and exotic animal meetings in or around the Berkshire area, then look no further than Berkshire Reptile Encounters. Our exotic animal meetings can be help at our own facility or at a place of your choosing. We have everything from snakes to lizards and much more. Our expert animal handler will guide you through each animal allowing enough time to meet them, touch them and even hold them. Call us today and one of the Berkshire Reptile Encounters team will be happy to arrange an animal and reptile meeting for you.