About Us

Berkshire Reptile Rescue was set up in 1996 with the aim to take in, rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of unwanted reptiles. Due to a lack of funding, we decided to expand from just a rescue and that’s when we created Berkshire Reptile Encounters.

Berkshire Reptile Encounters provides reptile visits and reptile handling to both individuals, businesses, learning industries and much more. We regularly carry out reptile events for schools, fetes, birthday and other groups. This is sessions are aimed at educate children and others about reptiles and other exotic animals.

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Arranging A Reptile Encounter

We are liability insured for 5million and we hold a performing animals licence, pet shop licence and an animal transporter licence. All of our team are fully CRB check, so you’ll be in safe hands when you choose Berkshire Reptile Encounters. With a team of professional animal handlers, we are able to offer local schools anything from a one hour visits per class or a workshop for the day in a central area of the school.

Our summer fetes, fairs, Christmas fairs certainly attract the crowds and we have developed a well-known reputation for the sessions that our animal handlers hold. If your think your child’s school may want a visit, then why not let them know about us or simply send us their details and we’ll be happy to introduce ourselves.

If you’re interested in having Berkshire Reptile Encounters attend for a birthday or any other type of party, then be sure to get in touch. We can help to add a more exotic feel to any party. Our team are able to provide hour handling sessions to full afternoon shows. From a select few animals to larger groups of animals, our experienced handlers can cater to any requirement. Be sure to check out our prices to see how much an animal handling session costs.