Berkshire Reptile Rescue

The encounters side of what we do was established to fund Berkshire Reptile Rescue. At our rescue we take in unwanted abandoned, sick or neglected reptiles from the public, council, government bodies, the police, rspca, vets, wildlife officers, park rangers ect. With help from the funds raised through our reptile shows and visits, we are able to support the rescue. We also greatly reply on our loyal customers and public donations to help keep the rescue running.

At the Berkshire Reptile Rescue, we rehabilitate and re-home the reptiles and unwanted animals that are left with us. Our team believe you should always re-home pets rather then buy from a pet shop and it’s one of the reason we set up the rescue in the first place. Rescues all over the world over are full to bursting and in need of funds, so it’s important to show your support and donate or rescue a reptile or exotic animal before you purchase one from new.


We are always willing to accept any kind donations that our customers or the public are willing to offer. No matter how big or small every little helps. Alternatively show your support in a different way and arrange for a reptile visit at your school, place of work, party or some other type of event. It’s our passion to care for animal and reptiles when others simply can’t no matter what the reason might be, Berkshire Reptile Rescue is always on hand to assist. We regularly work¬†with a number of bodies throughout Berkshire and the surrounding areas and our rescue continues to grow. From snakes to lizards and much more, all of the animals we take in receive the highest standard of care. For more information on our rescue or the services we offer,¬†please don’t hesitate to get in touch.